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Application Maintenance And Support

application maintenance and support

Learn how our Maintenance & Support services can transform your organization.

TeBS provides application maintenance and support services for custom built applications and platform based solutions that run on SharePoint, Java, AS400/Life Asia, Oracle, iPOS, SAP etc. Our customer IT team focuses solely on innovative, value driven initiatives. The application support is efficiently managed through SLA management, issue management and reporting frameworks.

Application Maintenance and Support

application maintenance services


Businesses can focus on Innovation and Value Creation while we Manage and Transform applications


Most of the times, application maintenance and support is a tedious and heavy lifting job but is essential for businesses to run smoothly. It becomes overwhelming when multiple technologies and applications are involved for different business functions. Keeping up with the technology upgrades and retaining talent becomes a nightmare for some organizations let alone supporting application issues. Many a times, escalated issues hamper the productivity of business functions.

TeBS specializes in providing Application Maintenance and Support services for a wide range of applications including web-based and mobile applications. We also support applications built on .Net, SharePointDynamics CRM, Java, Android & iOS. We have more than 25 Customers across the island supporting over 50 applications.

Our BasePlus model gives the flexibility and elasticity for our customers who want to start small and grow their technology footprint to transform their businesses digitally.

Our Support Services:

Helpdesk Services

TeBS offers 24 * 7 helpdesk support in following services.

  1. 24 * 7 Helpdesk Toll-free Support Number
  2. 24 * 7 Helpdesk e-mail based Support
  3. Web based Incident Management System (IMS)
  4. Onboarding / Off-boarding the Users on IMS
  5. Incident Reporting and Tracking
  6. Follow-up with the Assigned Party
  7. Periodical Reports to all the stake holders
  8. Management Reports on SLAs, Issue Summary and Trend
  9. Maintain the Knowledge base with Root Cause Analysis
  10. Maintain the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  11. Timely escalation as per the Service Level Agreements
  12. Training and Process awareness for the new joinees
Application & Database Performance Tuning

TeBS conducts performance testing on the applications to ensure that the system performs optimally even under load. TeBS also uses the WAPT tool to do the required testing of the proposed system.

Performance Testing

The load is gradually increased during the test by adding more and more concurrent virtual users.

WAPT Test Features

Design tests are as easy as using a browser. User sessions can be recorded by navigating through the application. When running the test, WAPT will replay it with thousands virtual users. No programming background or scripts are needed to design the tests.

Test Output

The reports are in the form of dynamic charts for visual analysis and contain comprehensive information about the system performance such as response times, throughput parameters, bandwidth usage, errors rates, and over 20 other tables containing data.

Security & Vulnerability Testing and Fixes

TeBS builds various security and control mechanisms for the proposed system.

  1. The system will be built to tackle the top 10 security risks identified by The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).
  2. System will be compliant with the security policies and standards defined by Customer
  3. System will have role management or access control mechanism for the users
  4. System will be built to prevent malicious codes from affecting the system
  5. System will have a preventive mechanism to block the recurrence of security incident

TeBS uses the Burp Suite for vulnerability scanning and subsequently fixes all the errors that were identified.

Patching & Version Upgrades

Patch Management is the process of verification and validation of application functionalities against various software patches, hot fixes and service pack releases from the product. The TeBS Support team liaises with the AFM or IT Teams to perform these activities and broadcasts the communication to end users. The main objective is to make sure that application functionalities are not disrupted due to the patches. TeBS proactively carries out testing across the entire application in staging (Test/UAT) environment and shares observations and proposes necessary recommendations.

Following are different kinds of patches:

  • Adhoc patches released for Products (Eg: SharePoint, SQL Server)
  • Server related Patches (Eg: O/S level patches)
  • Browser related patches (Eg: Version related bug fixes)
  • Tech Refresh (Eg: User machines upgrading to Win 10 etc.)
Application Enhancements

Application enhancement is the process of enhancing an existing application with new features and functionalities that arise due to change in business needs / customer demands / to make the operational processes more efficient.

TeBS helps its customers to enhance system functionalities and add new features. TeBS initiates the Service Request process for such changes, detailed impact analysis, and implementation approach is provided to the customer.

Application Transformation

TeBS triggers your transformation journey to make applications more scalable, cost effective and accessible to a large user base. Here are some of the Transformation areas.

Technology Stack Upgrade:

TeBS upgrades existing hosting database or run-time frameworks to latest versions. Customers are assisted to migrate from older to latest versions through a cost-effective approach. TeBS studies the application architecture, dependent components, and shares recommendations to upgrade current versions.

Common frame work for the Applications:

TeBS brings the applications to a common framework or technology. TeBS’ past experience with various customers shows that different applications run on different technology stack making it challenging to manage and hire different vendors to employ. TeBS analyses and provides a plan to transform the applications to the common technology platform.

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is the process of identifying the cause behind incident or production issues reported by customers or end users. TeBS Support follows the popular Five Whys technique to identify the root cause and propose a suitable solution to the customer within agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA) timelines.

Get in touch with us for various support packs ranging from unlimited tickets to fully flexible on-demand engagements.

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Managed Security

Enabling businesses to focus on “Customers”, their core priority, by providing them with Managed Security.


TeBS’ managed security services (MSS) suite provides an ecosystem of world class cyber security partners to provide customers with a complete portfolio of Managed Security Solutions which can be customized and tailored to suit every business need. Furthermore we offer 24×7 coverage. We even protect your network when your IT team has left for the day. The MSS suite provided by TeBS includes:

application maintenance and support

Our MSS suite provides benefits such as a holistic approach to protect Intellectual Property (IP) and business operations along with mitigating risks and other potential impacts on the business. The suite facilitates actionable intel from detailed analysis of threats and aids in prevention of loss of revenue and data. MSS also ensures industry recognized and world-class talent along with security initiatives leading to improved ROI.

TeBS offers a trustworthy MSS that helps to identify, monitor and tackle security incidents. Clients are provided with an in-depth situational analysis that helps them understand the events before, during and after the attack. The security team at TeBS also make recommendations to the client environment based on the attacks.

We work with the following tools:

Darktrace is a world-leading cyber AI company and the creator of Autonomous Response.

GAVS focuses on AI, Predictive Analytics, and robotics-led Infrastructure Management services.

SolarWinds IT monitoring and management tools are built for SysAdmins and network engineers.

The industry’s broadest set of privileged access management capabilities to defend against cyber attacks.

Protect small, medium, and enterprise businesses from advanced threats, malware, and other cyber attacks.

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Quality Engineering

Quality and Business Assurance for an organization can be achieved through their Digital Transformation journey


Todaypractices have shifted from merely identifying, predicting & preventing defects in software to assuring Business-critical applications. As demands and expectations raise for greater efficiency and better effectiveness, we need to provide solutions such as automation, DevOps and Agility along with Cloud practices to improve time-to-market at an optimized cost.

In other words, TeBS has shifted from Quality Engineering Services to Business Assurance Services. Quality Engineering has to Assure Business with right Services along with Right solutions & methods for implementing the Service. TeBS Business Assurance Services for Web/Mobile/device testing provides the incubator that tracks evolving technology concepts and determines testing requirements to ensure our clients gain a competitive edge.

Choose TeBS for your Business Assurance Services because we offer digital coverage across devices, platforms, channels, functional factors, social, accessibility, content, performance and security. We know that Test Optimization is critical for Project Delivery and therefore ensure Cycle time reduction to enable faster go to market through continuous delivery. Our quality practise focuses on the entire journey from customer experience to customer satisfaction. We also believe that early customer feedback methods will save a lot of re-work and cost.

“Shift Left” in Business Assurance

Testing Services are frequently asked to do more for less. To help achieve this objective, our expert engineered QA Designers are intended for use early SDLC (i.e., they are “shifted left”). Our shift-left strategy aims to start the testing immediately as defects can be prevented upstream and to play a role in building it right the first time rather than spending more time testing for bugs later.

Business Assurance Services Landscape

Test Business Consulting

Our consultants will conduct an Assessment on the maturity of your organization’s QA function and assist you in enhancing the quality & cost efficiency of QA. Includes evaluation of process and method, providing them a roadmap for effective testing through the entire testing cycles. Our Consulting has knowledge of test polices, strategies, quality reference to industry Standards and practices which can align to organizations goals and practices.

Estimating the Right efforts required for testing is very critical. This will ensure the right amount of efforts needed for the assurance, today it is not just testing software for quality but testing for predictable business outcomes. TeBS provides you with a one stop for Test Business Consulting that raises the efficacy of QA, by bring more assurance as a practice in automation, performance and security testing.

Specialized Testing Services

Performance Assurance Services within SDLC, encompasses the set of roles, skills, activities, practices, tools, and deliverables applied at every phase of the SDLC which ensures that a solution will be designed, implemented, and operationally supported to meet the non-functional requirements for performance (such as Response time, throughput, latency, or memory usage).

Performance tests reveal how a system behaves and responds during various conditions in terms of high speed, scalability and stability of the system. Performance Engineering makes it possible to anticipate issues, to diagnose the root cause in the unlikely event of glitch and fix the problem quickly. TeBS has considerable has expertise in the field of performance engineering, provides strategy and consulting services, which includes technology selection and leverages longstanding technical alliances to enhance application Scalability and reliability.

Test Automation Services

TeBS Test Automation service provides an automation services for QA teams in reducing manual testing efforts in a testing cycle, increases testing coverage and improves the ROI on Automation. The focus on an end-to-end test life cycle automation strategy leads to improved time to market and increase automation efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery.

  • Better ROI yield with automated testing,
  • increased efficiency and reduction in manual efforts
  • Collaborative governance with a phased approach to adoption and implement Automation Strategy.
  • Applying Accelerators according application needs and demand
  • Understand and Manage Customer Expectation to delivery SLA.
  • Faster deployment and speed of delivery
  • Easy maintenance cycles for automation is key focus.
Security Testing Services

Security Testing is a very important aspect of SDLC. Security Defects need static and dynamic views and validation during the early stage of SDLC.  Fixing the security loop holes after the completion of development or Go-Live is very expensive.

Web and Mobile applications play a vital role in the modern world and a majority of security attacks are aimed at the web application and Mobile layer.

  • Source code review is the process of manually checking the source code of a web application for security issues. Many serious security vulnerabilities cannot be detected with any other form of analysis or testing.
  • Penetration testing has been a common technique used to test network security for many years. It is also commonly known as black box testing or ethical hacking. Penetration testing is essentially the “art” of testing a running application remotely to find security vulnerabilities, without knowing the inner workings of the application itself
  • Vulnerability assessment, is a process that defines, identifies, and classifies the security holes (vulnerabilities) in a computer, network, or communications infrastructure. In addition, vulnerability analysis can forecast the effectiveness of proposed countermeasures and evaluate their actual effectiveness after they are put into use.

We will attempt to penetrate the web or Mobile application based on the vulnerability discovered, to reflect the impact of the risk involved, based on the industry standard OWASP web application testing methodology.

We offer Quality Engineering services for the following platforms

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Specializing in Microsoft-based business intelligence and enterprise data management

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