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Foster Innovation Through Strategic Partnerships

Our collaborations with industry leaders like Docusign, Microsoft, Nintex, UiPath, DRUID, Frends, and others empower us to deliver exceptional solutions tailored to your business needs. These partnerships enable us to leverage cutting-edge technologies and expertise, ensuring we provide optimal outcomes for your enterprise. Together, we innovate to drive efficiency, enhance operational capabilities, and deliver value that propels your business forward.

Our Partners


Businesses utilize ArcGIS by ESRI for advanced location analytics, including spatial analysis, dynamic mapping, 3D GIS, and imagery tools. TeBS supports organizations in leveraging ArcGIS for informed decision-making, optimized field operations, and customized applications, enhancing GIS investments through expert services.


AWS, a leading cloud provider, partners with businesses in Singapore to drive digital transformation through robust cloud computing solutions. Services include database migration, storage, security, analytics, and developer tools, ensuring scalable and efficient operations across industries.

Automatic Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is a leading cloud-native platform used globally for automating business processes. It features tools like Discovery Bot for process documentation, IQ Bot for AI-driven data extraction, and Bot Insight for real-time analytics, streamlining operations and reducing costs with its Bot Store of pre-built solutions.


DocuSign streamlines agreement processes, enhances productivity with AI-driven contract analytics ensuring compliance and revealing opportunities. It offers robust integrations, user-friendly interfaces, and secure, flexible agreement management across industries.


Businesses adopt innovative solutions for streamlined communication and agility, led by Druid’s advanced Conversational AI and automation platforms. Powered by Generative AI, NLP/NLU engines, and analytics, Druid empowers users with intuitive tools for seamless AI management, enterprise application integration, and real-time insights via customizable analytics dashboards.


Frends offers robust digital integration solutions, automating processes and streamlining data flows. Its platform connects applications, data, and devices seamlessly, simplifying integration creation and management. Automate workflows, orchestrate data across systems, and gain insights with advanced monitoring and analytics, optimizing operational efficiency.


With over 15 years of certified Microsoft gold partnership, our collaboration focuses on empowering clients in their digital transformation journey. We leverage Microsoft technologies to innovate, grow, and meet evolving needs, developing solutions that address industry challenges and opportunities, ensuring insights, agility, scalability, and security for business transformation., a leading collaboration platform, helps teams streamline project management and enhance workflow efficiency. By integrating task tracking and communication tools, enables seamless collaboration, ensuring teams stay aligned and projects progress smoothly. Its user-friendly interface supports customized workflows, making it a versatile solution for businesses aiming to optimize operations and achieve their goals.


Nintex, a leading provider of process automation solutions, empowers businesses with a comprehensive platform that simplifies complex processes through intuitive workflow automation, robust robotic process automation (RPA), secure eSignatures, document generation, process mapping, and powerful analytics.


Businesses need agile app development solutions. Partnering with OutSystems accelerates digital innovation with fast, scalable creation. OutSystems’ low-code platform speeds deployment and integration, cutting time to market. It offers easy drag-and-drop features for swift cross-platform deployment, simplifying digital transformation and fostering continuous innovation.

Powell Software

Powell Software offers cutting-edge digital workplace solutions leveraging Office 365 and SharePoint, facilitating seamless collaboration, enhanced communication, and streamlined business processes. Their solutions, including Powell Teams and Powell Intranet, are tailored to boost employee engagement and productivity in today’s hybrid work environments.

Progress Sitefinity

Progress Sitefinity is a robust Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for seamless content management, personalized user experiences, and integrated solutions across websites, portals, and applications. With intuitive tools and advanced features like multichannel delivery and AI-driven asset management, Sitefinity optimizes digital transformation and enhances customer interactions.


Prioritize enhancing and optimizing digital automation capabilities with UiPath, a distinguished leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI integration. Their end-to-end platform offers advanced features like Process Mining, Document Understanding, and AI Center, empowering enterprises to scale RPA programs effectively and maximize business value through seamless automation solutions.

Why Partner with Us?

Strategic Collaboration
TeBS offers more than just technological solutions; we serve as strategic partners, empowering your business to innovate, grow, and excel in a competitive market environment.
Diverse Expertise
Benefit from our extensive pool of experts spanning various technologies and frameworks, ensuring top-notch technical solutions tailored to your needs.
Customer-Centric Mindset
Your success is our priority. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support throughout our engagement, ensuring that your experience with TeBS is nothing short of excellent.
Tailored Solutions
We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer customized solutions that cater specifically to your organization’s needs and goals.
End-to-End Support
From conceptualization to deployment and ongoing maintenance, our comprehensive suite of services covers every stage of your digital transformation journey, providing you with holistic support and guidance.

Technologies We Work With

Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of technologies, ensuring we meet any project’s requirements. We utilize secure, established technology stacks and continuously integrate the newest, cutting-edge tools.

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