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Pioneering a New Paradigm in Enterprise Mobility

Embracing a mobile-centric ethos in business process management signifies a decisive stride towards digital transformation. Our comprehensive enterprise mobility solutions seamlessly integrate organizational objectives, fostering enhanced efficiency and collaboration. At TeBS, we offer tailored services, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver robust, secure, and intuitive mobile applications.

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TeBS Edge in Enterprise Mobility

Crafting intricate, responsive mobile applications tailored for diverse platforms such as iOS, Android, and beyond, boasting rich features and distinctive designs.

Proficiency in a Mobile World
We know how to integrate your project into the mobile ecosystem correctly and beneficially.
End-user Focused Interfaces and Experience
Our thoughtful UX designs and usability practices create experiences that benefit customers.
Business-minded Engineering
We offer game-changing tech ideas that make a measurable impact on your business.
Customer-Centric Development Approach
We implement Agile Scrum and DevSecOps methodologies for streamlined development processes.

Enterprise Mobility Services

Our enterprise mobile app solutions are finely tuned to your business needs, meeting industry standards and user expectations. TeBS consultants utilize cutting-edge tech for optimal configuration, security, and deployment, enhancing customer experience.

Strategy & Consulting
  • Propel your business towards future readiness.
  • Enhance productivity and ROI with scalable mobility solutions.
  • Craft strategic application architecture tailored to your needs.
  • Tap into expert guidance for impactful mobile development.
Custom Enterprise
Application Development
  • Scale business infrastructure with enterprise-grade applications.
  • Tailored end-to-end mobile app development services.
  • Seamlessly manage project lifecycle from conception to delivery.
  • Accelerate business growth with our custom solutions.
User Interface/Experience
  • Access disruptive design and programming expertise.
  • Scale enterprise mobile app development with ease.
  • Deliver intuitive, feature-rich, responsive mobile applications.
  • Ensure compatibility across devices and operating systems.
Mobile Application
  • Seamlessly integrate apps and devices for optimized workflows.
  • Connect enterprise mobile apps with CRM and HRMS.
  • Develop cross-platform mobile apps for enhanced flexibility.
  • Deliver tailored enterprise mobility solutions with precision.
  • Provide mobile analytics services for comprehensive data analysis.
  • Collect user behavior data to analyze metrics.
  • Drive retention, engagement, and conversion with insights.
  • Tailor proactive strategies based on analytical findings.
Mobile Device
  • Manage devices and applications with MDM and MAM.
  • Control device usage for enhanced data security.
  • Monitor, manage, and secure enterprise mobile devices.
  • Apply security features to safeguard mobile applications.
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TeBS Industry Approach & Use Cases in Enterprise Mobility

Drawing from extensive expertise, we craft bespoke mobile applications, driving productivity and innovation across diverse industry sectors. Our constant endeavor is to enhance productivity by building smart business apps for our customers.

Recycling App for Waste Management Firm
Utilizing Xamarin, we developed a public-facing mobile app that simplifies waste recycling. Users effortlessly book pick-up requests, track order status, and monitor collector movements, while also accessing cash conversion estimates.
Car Leasing Application
TeBS crafted a sophisticated car leasing app, elevating user engagement by leveraging Xamarin. With seamless browsing and lease management, users can conveniently monitor contracts, receive maintenance notifications, and access new vehicle offerings.
Cargo Scheduling Application for Logistics Firm
TeBS engineered a Cargo Scheduling Application for a logistics firm managing offshore floating terminals (OFT). This robust app facilitates real-time monitoring, and dynamic order prioritization, and generates detailed business reports with CCV camera integration and graphical representations.
Loyalty Program Mobile App
TeBS introduced “Rekomend,” a pioneering loyalty mobile app suggesting nearby eateries and displaying user points. Its gamified loyalty program, tailored for B2C customers in F&B, effectively supports short- and long-term campaigns.
Mobile Digital Solution for a Leading Polytechnic (Tertiary )
Developed for a prominent learning institution, our mobile app enriches student and staff experiences with comprehensive features. It provides a unified view of campus activities, including class schedules, events, exams, results, and parking availability.
Drainage Tracking App for a Public Utility Services Firm
TeBS collaborated with an Asian utility firm to develop a Drainage Tracking app, expediting issue resolution. With integrated city maps, users pinpoint drainage areas, enabling inspection teams to assess and notify repair teams promptly.
HR Apps to Handle Specific HR Processes
TeBS specializes in crafting HR mobile applications, catering to diverse sectors. These apps automate various HR processes, including employee onboarding, recruitment tracking, attendance management, leave and claim submissions, overtime tracking, and visa expiry monitoring.
Warehouse Management App
TeBS devised a mobile app for logistics firms, facilitating seamless tracking of container and material movement within shipyards. Users can monitor entry and exit points, generate dashboards for warehouse operations, and manage stock levels efficiently.

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