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Effortlessly manage and govern electronic records

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Streamline Your Record Management System

Organizations require a record management strategy for compliance with regulations and policies. RecordSenz, an e-registry system, ensures accountability, regulatory compliance, and risk reduction. It’s a SharePoint-based system managing electronic documents and records from creation to disposal while preserving integrity, authenticity, and accessibility. TeBS offers structured record maintenance via RecordSenz.

RecordSenz Components & Capabilities

Enhance Collaboration with smart and simplified Record Management System


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Digital Unified Record System
Keep records in one centralized place with easy retrieval
Multi Channel Record Filling
Modern and easy way allows record filling from various channels
Customisable File Plans
Streamlined file structure with pre-defined file plans & templates
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Advanced Search and Reporting Capabilities
AI-powered voice bot for effortless document search and retrieval.
Computer Vision Enabled System
Easily tag imaged based documents appropriately
Machine Learning Based on Auto-Tagging
to ensure better compliance and security
Search Index and Advanced Filters
Filter records and inbox notifications with Search and Advanced Search.
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End to End Automation
Efficient Archival, Retention, Disposition, and Destruction with automated approvals.
Easy to Set Workflows
Easy-to-set, classify and modify rules, processes, user workflows, NAS workflows
Automation Led Self Help
Self-learning with easy to use features such as Drag & drop, Auto Tagging, Mass movement of folders etc
Robust Integration
SharePoint framework seamlessly integrates with MS Office, auto-extracts embedded files.
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Security and Controlled Access
Ensure integrity, authenticity, and accessibility of records with secure Access Management.
Compliance Tracking and Version Control
Promotes compliance tracking with effective compliant mechanism and Standards (NAS Compliant)
Enterprise Wide Security
Robust security module with record level access control, integrated with SharePoint access management
Flexible file plans govern retention schedules, including review, hold, transfer, and archiving.
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Key Benefits of Recordsenz

RecordSenz facilitates cost-effective compliance with regulations and secure document sharing, trusted by organizations for seamless record management and robust security controls.

Records Management
Complete record lifecycle management from creation to disposition.
Information Lifecycle Management
Efficient access to information for better decisions with archiving and retention features.
Centralised Secure Repository
Integrates with SharePoint Access Management and Outlook plugin for efficient record filing.
Intuitive Reports and Dashboards
Attain full document and record visibility with intuitive dashboards and reports, including audits, classifications, types, and archiving.
Security and Access Management
Enhanced accountability through maintaining record authenticity, reliability, and integrity.
Automated Workflows
Automate record management with workflows for document routing and archiving.
Regulatory Compliance
Facilitate collaboration, ensure compliance, and mitigate risk with record-level access control.
Focused Information Architecture
Improved mobile-responsive UI for enhanced usability, with preset alerts and notifications.

Customer Success Stories

We help businesses across industry sectors like-Banking, Insurance, Public Sector, Non-profit and many more to digitally transform through our BPM Software and business process automation services.

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Solve All Your Record Management Needs With RecordSenz

RecordSenz can help you manage the complete lifecycle of all types of records, while retaining their integrity and authenticity. Speak to us to know more!
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