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Navigating SDLC Acceleration with DevSecOps Guidance

Amidst the redesigning of burgeoning technological advancements, organizations are embracing cutting-edge tools like DevSecOps to bolster agility and responsiveness. DevSecOps fosters seamless collaboration among developers, testers, operations, and security professionals, driving rapid product delivery within an agile framework. Harnessing our Agile and DevSecOps prowess propels organizations towards accelerated end-to-end SDLC execution, leveraging industry-standard tools and deep expertise in CI/CD, microservices, and automation.

TeBS Competency in Agile & DevSecOps Services

We leverage DevSecOps to develop, deploy, and govern application development and enable customers to achieve business agility with improvised security and processes.

Coaching & Enablement
  • Gauge business goals for agile alignment and estimation.
  • Equip with Agile methods, tools, and frameworks.
  • Deploy agile transformation teams for successful implementation.
  • Establish metrics for tracking agreed-upon progress.
  • Guide leaders and teams in practicing authentic agility.
Consulting & Advisory Services
  • Agile & DevSecOps maturity assessment
  • DevSecOps existing landscape review
  • DevSecOps adoption roadmap and phase-wise blueprint
  • Agile enablement strategy
  • Advise on security policy and tool selection
Implementation Services
  • DevSecOps and cloud infrastructure facilitation
  • Enterprise-scale CI/CD across diverse environments.
  • Automation: build, test, deploy, and infrastructure.
  • Enhance code quality with integrated shift-left testing.
  • Secure-by-design approach for application development and environments.
Agile & DevSecOps
Managed Services
  • Automated testing and robust application security measures.
  • Ongoing testing and code quality enhancement initiatives.
  • Continuous monitoring of application and infrastructure health.
  • Version control system management with migration strategy.
  • Proactive infrastructure and application monitoring for continuity.

TeBS Agile Development Approach

Our Agile process prioritizes stakeholder collaboration, fostering transparency for continuous development. We blend Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and lean principles, emphasizing incremental MVP delivery and frequent feedback loops, supported by agile coaching workshops.

TeBS DevSecOps Approach

We adopt a DevSecOps approach which focuses on key areas for each stage of the product life cycle.

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