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Automate Your Processes With Nintex

TeBS, a premier Nintex partner, guides customers in digital transformation through advanced process automation. Nintex, an end-to-end platform, streamlines business processes with minimal code.

We collaborate across sectors, specializing in Nintex Process Platform solutions. Our skilled team accelerates automation goals, having automated 500+ processes and crafted 300+ electronic forms. Nintex-certified, we offer expertise in automation strategy, solution design, configuration, and implementation for optimal value creation.

Nintex Platform Overview

TeBS provides the full Nintex Process Platform suite for business automation, boosting productivity, ensuring compliance, and fostering collaboration. Our expertise includes automating complex processes like hybrid scenarios for Nintex and SharePoint.


Nintex Workflow, a user-friendly automation software, simplifies complex business processes without code. As a Nintex Implementation Partner, TeBS offers deep expertise in leveraging this tool to automate manual, repetitive tasks, enhancing team productivity.

Nintex RPA

Nintex RPA uses trained bots for swift and cost-effective automation of routine tasks through a code-free, drag-and-drop interface. TeBS offers various Nintex RPA accelerators and frameworks across industry verticals, implemented for global enterprise clients.

Nintex Assuresign

Nintex AssureSign, a robust and secure eSign tool, simplifies processes before, during, and after eSign events. The “eSign Anywhere” feature enables users to prepare and send documents from any virtual location, making it easy for signers to digitally access and eSign documents online, via text, or in-person.


Nintex DocGen swiftly creates and shares documents within Salesforce or Office 365, automating routing for reviews, simplifying signing, and securely storing files. Implementing Nintex DocGen® streamlines document creation, eliminates manual steps, reduces errors, and enhances operational efficiency.


Nintex Promapp simplifies processes by transforming complex maps and documents into accessible visuals. We assist in selecting automation-suited tasks, offering guidance and implementation support for improved collaboration and accountability among process owners.


Nintex Analytics gauges workflow efficiency, monitors performance, and identifies patterns to enhance workflows, providing visibility and agility to business processes. The TeBS team customizes analytics dashboards to bring transparency and visibility tailored to your specific needs.

Our Services

We can help you start your automation journey to optimize business impact as a Nintex Partner by delivering end-to-end Nintex solution development services. We provide a variety of different services in addition to consultation, installation, upgrade, migration, training, and maintenance.

Card Solution Design

Solution Design & Delivery

  • Agile based enterprise process development
  • Discovery sessions for candidate processes and process re-definition
  • Solution design & implementation
  • Process analytics, reports & dashboards

Card Solution Migration

Solution Upgrade/Migrations

  • Upgrade /migrate solutions to newer versions of Nintex Process Platform
  • Migration of on-premise processes to cloud / hybrid processes
  • Platform solutioning on legacy systems such as Lotus Notes, InfoPath, and MS Access

Card Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting Services

  • Enterprise Architecture Design
  • Process development & enhancement services
  • Developing POCs and POVs
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting and debugging services
  • Environment audit and health checks

Card Coe

Centre of Excellence

  • Establishing an efficient CoE
  • Standardizing format of documentation and deliverables
  • Quality assurance, testing and validation
  • Performance monitoring and optimization
  • Guidance on governance & Operations
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Use Cases & Apps Developed on Nintex Platform

One of the best Nintex development companies to deal with is TeBS. TeBS, a Best Nintex Partner, can help you manage, automate, and improve your business processes in an effective manner. To learn more about how workflow and process automation innovation have helped our customers achieve operational efficiency, get in touch with our Nintex consulting specialists.

HR on-boarding /off-boarding
Businesses can leverage Nintex for seamless workflow management.
Services Request Process
You can easily manage complex processes for service requests with Nintex.
Digital Signature
Easily manage your digital signatures with the Nintex platform’s seamless management.
Change Request Management
Nintex allows you to take charge of your request management and edit the access accordingly.
Claims Process Automation
Nintex offers an effective RPA solution that puts your critical tasks on auto-pilot.
Procurement Process
Better track the order status with the dedicated Nintex platform.
Security Pass Approval
All the comprehensive workflows can be easily deployed without the need for coding.
Document Generation
You can now automate your tasks for generating documents with Nintex.
Vendor Management
With dedicated analysis of historical data, Nintex allows you to predict future trends.
Business Travel Application
You can easily share your digital signatures and keep track of your documents with Nintex.

Customer Success Stories

We help businesses across industry sectors like-Banking, Insurance, Public Sector, Non-profit and many more to digitally transform through our BPM Software and business process automation services.

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