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Build future-ready applications for an agile enterprise

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Build Future-ready Applications for an Agile Enterprise

The digital world is driving a new approach towards application modernization and development services. Innovation is at the core of developing these new-age future-ready applications, one which combines the power of low-code/no-code, DevOps, Agile, cloud, automation, and more to bring speed, agility, and growth.

Our Mobile app development services and low code app development help to modernize and transform your application landscape, to fuel digital transformation through innovative use of technology.

Application Development Services & Modernization

We specialize in modernizing and transforming your application landscape, our expertise spans Azure application development, data management, application modernization, quality engineering, and more.

Design & Development

We provide application modernisation development and enhancement through open source, low-code/no-code principles and third-party technology stacks using Lean-Agile methods.


We can modernize legacy applications, by transforming existing monolithic application to micro services, using a fully automated, tools-based approach.

API Design
& Implementation

We can build elastic, scalable, and secure APIs to connect microservices, giving access to legacy data, and reducing the need to write complex integration code.

Application Development
Quality Engineering

Our quality engineering team bring diverse skills across QA, automation, continuous testing, DevOps and Agile to clients globally.

DevSecOps & Agile

Our Agile and DevSecOps expertise accelerates the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) with proven agile methodologies, standardized tools, integrated architecture, and advanced CI/CD, microservices, and automation.

Cloud Application

We help design and Implement cloud native solutions with multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud approaches in partnership with market leading tools like Microsoft Azure and AWS.


We can build enterprise ready apps with low code app development tools which can run mission-critical and complex processes such as customer journey, operational efficiency, governance, risk and compliance.

Open Source

We enable enterprises to leverage the flexibility of open source platforms and help with custom development, user interface and experience (UI / UX) design, integration, DevOps, rapid prototyping, customizations, migrations, and security programming.

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TeBS Value Proposition

We help to manage applications effortlessly and provide regular assessments, continuous improvements, efficient optimization, and automation of applications.

Strategic Partnership
We collaborate with industry leading technology partners and have strategic partnerships with Microsoft Azure Cloud Application Development and AWS.
Technical Expertise
We have deep domain technical expertise and have skilled and certified cloud architects, Agile DevOps professionals ,team of UX /UI designers, QA experts.
Seamless Delivery Experience
We collaborate with our clients to future-proof their application and execute agile projects from distributed locations and deliver high-quality applications cost-effectively.
Integrated Approach
We bring together IT strategy, deep industry knowledge, skilled technical experts and large-scale application delivery to ensure project success.
Design Thinking
We bring design thinking in our app development through iterative and user-centric approach. Our skilled UX and UI design teams collaborate to create intuitive and responsive interfaces to deliver better user outcomes.
Quality Testing & Assurance
Our QA experts perform functional, performance, security, usability, and other types of testing to ensure frictionless app operation.

Our Core Services

We enable intelligent Cloud application development services through Cloud Native, DevSecOps, Microservices & API led development.

Card App Dev Consulting

Consulting & Assessment

  • Technology roadmap and need evaluation
  • Readiness assessment
  • Application portfolio analysis
  • DevSecOps strategy
  • Agile strategy
  • Design Thinking
  • Application architecture

Card App Dev Implementation


  • Agile Implementation
  • Cloud Native Development
  • Application Re- architecting
  • DevSecOps CI/CD Pipeline Building
  • Application Modernization
  • Application Decommissioning
  • Cloud Migration
  • Microservices
  • API Development
  • Low-code/No-code Apps


Microsoft Azure Services

TeBS can help you transform and modernize your business with our robust Microsoft Azure Cloud Application Development capabilities. With Azure, we provide a wide range of services for cloud transformation and operations, cost-effective Intelligent Azure application modernisation development, implementation, migration, and support services for enterprise agility.

Card Azure Advisory

Azure Advisory & Consulting Services

We can advise on your cloud application development services roadmap strategy; assess your application portfolio for cloud suitability; and detail your cloud governance model with our Azure services. We provide services for IaaS, PaaS & SaaS platforms.

Card Ba Msd365

Azure Application Development Services

We offer cloud-native app development on Azure platform and can develop & deploy custom cloud, mobile & web applications to reduce your up -front infrastructure costs.

Card Ba Implementation

Microsoft Azure Support Services

We offer end to end support for Azure environments ,helping you to adopt and harness the power of cloud-based solutions.

Card Migration

Microsoft Azure Migration Services

We can partner on your cloud transformation journey by helping to seamlessely migrate to Azure cloud from on-premise ,legacy and other systems.

Technologies We Work With

We cover the widest range of technologies needed to meet the demands of any project development. Our teams work with proven, highly secure, and well-documented technology stacks but always keep up with the latest, most advanced resources or libraries.

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