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Employee Appreciation Day India

Employee Appreciation Day India
Feeling appreciated and valued at work is the essence we embed in our work culture. We recently celebrated “Employee Appreciation Day” across our offices in India and Singapore, a day where team leaders made the extra effort to appreciate everyone’s effort and dedication.
The employee appreciation day in India, started with welcoming employees with a  thank you card and a bag of snack items. The gesture was well appreciated by everyone and started the day on a high note for all.Later during the day, a prerecorded video message from various management and leadership team members was shared with all employees. The Management and leadership team with the help of the events committee, had each recorded video messages for their team members expressing their heartfelt gratitude and appreciation, and thanking them for their support . The video messages were played in conference room addressing both in person and work from home employees.
Post this, there were fun games for employees to participate . Everyone enjoyed playing “Round Robbin” an activity to express gratitude to the fellow colleagues and “the communication game” as a fun activity.The day ended with sumptuous food and drinks ,the live “Indian Chat corner” was everyone’s favorite .Employees felt a great sense of pride in being appreciated for their work and contribution and celebrating it as an appreciation day made it full worth.


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