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TeBS IntraSenz Essential Pack

TeBS IntraSenz Essential Pack

Digital workplaces are a fast-growing trend, and it is essential to find the ideal partner to assist you in designing your digital niche optimized for comfort and maximum efficiency.  

Various features incorporated in the IntraSenz Essential Pack like Discovery Management, Smart Search, Encryption, Compliance, Admin, Archival, Flexible deployment etc. help you manage different sectors of your workplace reducing the amount of effort and time dedicated for routine repetitive tasks. It offers intuitive suggestions to improve your workplace by assessing and analyzing your work processes to identify areas of issues and remove them.  

 The applications of our IntraSenz Essential Pack are extensive and can be customized to suit your requirements. Here are a few interesting features of our pack: 

[mkd_accordion_holder layout=”accordion”][mkd_accordion icon_pack=”” title=”CONTENT CLASSIFICATION AND ORGANIZATION”]

The pack helps you categorize and organize content is an easily accessible manner simplifying future search and references. You can manage access to stored data by hierarchy-based access to essential information, thus protecting sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

[/mkd_accordion][mkd_accordion icon_pack=”” title=”INTERPRETATION OF CONTENT”]

The use of machine-aided learning and Natural Language Processing software incorporated in our packs can help you gather new insights from vast amounts of data and information that would be too time-consuming for your team to go through. The pack also comprises virtual chatbots combined with adaptive learning modules that can greatly improve the customer experience for your enterprise.

[/mkd_accordion][mkd_accordion icon_pack=”” title=”DATA SECURITY AND STORAGE”]

Ensure the safety of your data by powerful encryption and efficient storage enabled by the IntraSenz Essential Pack. The flexibility offered by the pack allows for a centralized on-premise storage or cloud storage allowing access and mobility for your teams.


Get on board with Total eBiz Solutions and unlock the true potential of your enterprise with the wide arsenal of tools you gain access to with our pack. Design your digital panacea with us and put yourself ahead of your competition towards complete digital domination and success.

We can help you take your digital workplace collaboration to the next level !

Contact us for a free consultation on how to begin your Intranet journey!

Check out IntraSenz details and visit our Modern Workplace blog to know more.

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